Mobile Application Development

The energy of the whole computing industry has shifted to mobilehas your business? ScopeLift excels in native application development, with a focus on code quality and maintainability. We can help bring your app idea to life and leave you with a well designed, tested codebase that can serve you for years to come. Whether you need short term support like team training or code reviews, or full execution including project planning and leadership, ScopeLift can help your organization succeed in a mobile first world.

App Analytics and Data Analysis

"Big Data" is the big buzzword, but many companies struggle to maintain basic infrastructure for making data driven decisions. At the same time, many companies drown in data, mindlessly tracking minute details with no plan for action and no sense of the bigger story their data is telling. ScopeLift can demystify your data by helping you deploy, streamline, and integrate your analytics systems. We also get you beyond spreadsheets, using true data analysis tools to cut through the noise to develop and track metrics that matter.

Full Stack Web Development

For better or worse, the days of static content and simple, server rendered HTML are gone. Developing for the modern web means building interactive, engaging apps that happen to run in the browser. This, however, often leads to slow loading pages and unmaintainable code bases. ScopeLift has embraced modern technologies on both the front end (React, Elm) and backend (Elixir, Phoenix). This allows us to produce web apps your users will love without sacrificing performance or developer productivity.

Business and Technology Strategy

Today, every company needs to be a technology company. How will your industry will be impacted by technology in the next ten years? How might a newcomer leverage technology to disrupt the status-quo? Do you have a plan to avoid disruption, or better yet, do the disrupting? ScopeLift can help you understand the trends in the computing industry and identify opportunities and threats for your business.