As a consultant and developer, nothing is more satisfying than seeing your work create value for clients and users. Here is a quick look at some recent client and side projects.

Featured Client Project

I had the pleasure of working with excellent folks at Jarvus to rewrite the KÜDZOO iOS app, which is now in the hands of the company’s nearly 400,000 users. KÜDZOO is a company that aims to prove “that the carrot is more effective than the stick when it comes to student achievement,” as Forbes recently put it when naming its founders as part of the 30 under 30 in education. READ MORE

Featured Side Project

HeadLights provides automatic reminders to turn on your car’s lights, sent when you start driving, based on local weather conditions. It makes creative use of a number of iOS features, such as CoreMotion, CoreLocation, and various background services, to work in a way that seems “magical.” When you start driving you receive a notification on your iPhone, or Apple Watch, reminding you to turn on your lights, but only if local weather conditions warrant it. Of all my side project apps, this was the most fun to develop. LEARN MORE→