Featured Projects

As a consultancy, nothing is more satisfying than seeing our work create value for our clients and their users. Here is a quick look at some of our recent client work.

TrekIT: Fewer Clicks. More Care.

Built to make the EHR work better for clinicians, TrekIT provides users with everything they need to manage their entire shift - all in one place, on any device. A secure, collaborative, patient-centered space enables clinicians to share and assign tasks to anyone on the care team.

Over the course of a nine month engagement, the ScopeLift team collaborated with the TrekIT team to develop their MVP. We provided full stack development services, managed DevOps and deployment, and contributed UI/UX expertise to product decisions. We also helped the team bridge the gap between emerging business requirements and engineering realities, and finally, trained an internal team to take over and carry the product forward.

Our collaboration with TrekIT is a perfect example of how ScopeLift can bring years of experience working with early stage software companies to bear for your startup. ScopeLift is proud to have worked with the talented, passionate founders of TrekIT, and can’t wait to watch their innovative tool take the medical world by storm.

Bark: Keeping Kids Safe Online

Bark strives to keep children safe while also protecting their privacy. It monitors accounts with machine learning and alerts parents to worrisome interactions or trends. ScopeLift worked with the amazing team at Bark to build two apps. First, an app for parents, to configure their account, receive alerts, and request location check-ins from their kids. Second, an app for kids, allowing them to connect their accounts and to check-in at their location.

MagnetoSpeed: Acoustic Integrations

MagnetoSpeed designs innovative sensors— used by military, law enforcement, and shooting enthusiasts— to measure the performance and accuracy of firearms. Their devices ship with firmware that allows them to be configured, or to export data, with bytes sent via audio signals.


ScopeLift partnered with MagnetoSpeed to build two iOS apps which take advantage of this functionality, and integrate with their devices using audio playback and recording. After we rebuilt it from the ground up, their XFR app went from 2.5 stars to 4.6 starts, with hundreds of reviews, and thousands of active users.

Our collaboration with MagnetoSpeed demonstrates that, while ScopeLift excels at high level product development and business strategy, we also have the technical chops to tackle tasks like munging bits and transmitting them over audio using low level operating system API’s. From top to bottom, ScopeLift has the expertise to move your business forward.

Symple: Your Journal for Health + Wellbeing

Symple empowers patients to track both positive and negative symptoms and to understand how those symptoms are connected to other factors. Symple has been a top health and fitness app for years, and ScopeLift was proud to help the team at Symple achieve some important objectives to maintain this excellence.

ScopeLift helped the team pay back some technical debt, establish some development best practices, and bring the codebase up to date with modern development standards. Additionally, we helped integrate advanced analytics into the app, providing the team with important insights that yielded actionable steps to improve user experience and engagement. Importantly, this was done with utmost attention to data security and protection of user privacy. Finally, ScopeLift worked with the Symple team to develop a roadmap for enhanced marketing and monetization efforts, ensuring Symple will remain sustainable.

KÜDZOO: Engaging Students in their Education

We had the pleasure of working with excellent folks at Jarvus to rewrite the KÜDZOO iOS app, which is now in the hands of the company’s nearly 400,000 users. KÜDZOO is a company that aims to prove “that the carrot is more effective than the stick when it comes to student achievement,” as Forbes recently put it when naming its founders as part of the 30 under 30 in education. READ MORE