Mean it when you say, "I'll pray for you."

Never forget a prayer intention or request again. Open, enter, and pray. Intentions takes care of the rest.

Q: How does Intentions work?

A: Enter things you want to pray for, like personal  intentions, prayer requests, and things to be thankful for. Open the app and an algorithm picks a prayer to show you. Requests you haven't prayed for recently rise to the top. Serendipity meets statistics, and you'll never forget a prayer request again.

Q: What do the stars do?

A: Tap the stars to weight the prayer intention- those with more stars will be presented to you more often.

Q: Why do I have to pay to add more requests?

A: Intentions takes time and money to develop, host, and maintain. Unlike other free services, which mine your data to show you ads, we take the privacy of your personal prayers seriously. The app let's you get started for free and add up to 20 requests. After that, we ask you pay just a little to ensure we can provide this service without resorting to ads.

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